The Freakiest Halloween Decorations 2019

Reader beware, you’re in for a scare!

You may find yourself looking to up your game this upcoming Halloween by finding some of the spookiest decorations you can get your hands on. While traditional stores usually pump out the same kind of mediocre decorations each year; we’ve compiled a list of some of the latest and greatest scares you can find this Halloween season. Our goal was to seek out the absolute freakiest creations ever made. We definitely hit the jackpot with these:


6 Ft Burlap Horror Scarecrow Animatronics

We’ll kick things off with this gory scarecrow, blood, stitches and all. Standing at 6 feet tall, this freaky character makes growling noises similar to Frankenstein’s Monster. The scarecrow is motion and sound activated.

Source: Spirit Halloween


Animated Sweet Dreams Clown Prop

Standing at a terrifying 7 feet tall, this clown reminds us exactly why we’re scared of them. He holds a small screaming child in his hands as he says 3 different phrases. The clown’s eyes glow as he turns from side to side.

Source: Halloween Express


Animated Scary Teddy Bear

Who wouldn’t want a cute, fluffy, teddy bear that rips it’s face off? You press the button on it’s foot to activate a very startling message from the evil creature. The bear is almost a foot tall and 8 inches wide. Definitely worth adding to your stuffed animal collection!

Source: Party City


5 Ft Levitator Girl Animatronics

Resembling a demonic possession, this animatronic comes to life, ascending into the air as it screams. It is 5 feet long and activates by sound; It is compatible with step pads. She will surely be the highlight of your haunted house!

Source: Spirit Halloween


21 Inch Black Jumping Spider Animatronics

This spider literally lunges towards your guests. Extra features include glowing eyes, scary sounds and motion activation. Wrap a room up with spiderwebs and stick this creature in a hidden corner for a jump scare!

Source: Spirit Halloween


7 Foot Tall Dancing Dummy Animatronic

If you have a larger budget for scares this year, check out this guy. Towering at 7 feet tall, this dummy is motion activated; he also comes with ropes and a wooden box. He goes from sitting to suddenly jumping up and dancing. A very creepy addition to your professional house of horrors.

Source: The Horror Dome


Towering Wailing Soul Animated Prop

Prepare yourself for the shriek of the Wailing Soul Entity! The Wailing Soul is over 6 feet tall, with motion activated hands and body. The face and chest of this ghost also light up, giving it more life than it’s deathly looks.

source: Halloween Asylum


Scary Peeper Electronic Tapping Window Halloween Decoration

Last but not least, the creepy peeper who taps at your window from outside. This animated prop is sure to catch your guests off guard at first glance. He is motion activated and can be set on a timer to tap on the window every 10 seconds. Get ready to dish out some scares!

Source: Amazon

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