Where to Travel Halloween 2019

Out of the 365 days in a year, one stands alone as the greatest day for horror fanatics everywhere:


While the majority of us choose to stay home on Halloween, handing out candy, or going to a party down the street; there’s a huge number of people that will be flooding haunted attractions for the entire month of October. Even though all holidays embrace the idea of tradition… I find it far more interesting to embrace the power of experiencing something new and exciting! During the spooky month of October you can find haunted houses, parades, festivals, ghost tours, escape rooms and much, much more. The possibilities are endless.

Below you can find a few places to add to your travel map and I’ll also be mentioning some of my personal favorites!



I’ve been to many haunted houses over the years. Netherworld in Stone Mountain, Georgia is by far the best attraction I’ve been to so far. With low ticket prices and an impressive 45 minute duration, Netherworld is the Halloween attraction of the century. It has an extremely high budget for it’s props and animatronics. The actors were very convincing and gave it their all. Magazines are constantly rating it the top haunted house in the United States. A great deal of the employees come from the movie industry as well. I found the wait in line to be very tolerable in comparison to other haunted houses I’ve been to. Be sure to make your way down to Georgia this Halloween!


Halloween Horror Nights

Probably the most popular haunted attraction out there. Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Florida is a great way to spend time with your friends and family in the fall. It takes place inside Universal Studios theme park. Be prepared to run away from the guys with chainsaws and snag some awesome merch from the shops. If you find yourself staying at Universal Studios for multiple days you’ll definitely want to catch some roller coasters by day and haunted houses at night. While it was an overall fun experience, I did find myself disappointed in the haunted houses. Some of the attractions had over a two hour wait and house lasted about 5 minutes tops. Ranking among the more expensive events I’ve attended, I honestly expected a little more.



Three haunted houses, all connected, in Acworth, Georgia. Folklore has fantastic actors, incredible make-up and special effects. It has been featured on various news stations as well as Trip Advisor. I was pleasantly surprised when I went. I was first in line and they always made sure there was a gap between people allowed in, making it a much more personal experience. The staff was very friendly and even assisted me when taking photos in line. I did find Chromophobia, the trippy 3D house rather boring as it didn’t have any actors or scares. Overall an excellent attraction, one that I would highly recommend, especially if you go to Netherworld as they are relatively close to each other.


Knott’s Scary Farm

Based in Southern California, Knott’s Berry Farm theme park hosts a terrifying event through the Halloween Season. The park is transformed into a scarefest filled with literally thousands of monsters, scare zones, mazes, haunted houses and live shows. The event has won Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Award for Best Halloween Event twice. If you’re on the west coast, stop by for endless frights!


Anoka, Minnesota

Hailed as the Halloween Capital of the World. Anoka was the first city in the country to have a Halloween celebration. With parades, shops and events that are planned year round, definitely make it your travel destination if you find yourself up north.


Salem, Massachusetts

Made popular by the infamous witch trials in the 1600s, Salem hosts several Halloween events for the whole month of October; The 3rd through the 14th in particular is when the Salem Horror Fest takes place. During this time you’ll find screenings of classic horror movies, live podcasts, and lectures. Salem also has several Balls, Ghost Tours, Karaokes and even fireworks on the big night.


Day of the Dead

San Antonio, Texas holds celebrations for Dia de los Muertos, which translates to Day of the Dead. It’s a Mexican holiday to celebrate the passing of loved ones and family. On October 31st to November 2nd, you can find live music, food and vendors in Market Square and La Villita.

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