Terrifying Video Games

It’s time to discuss some of the freakiest video games ever made. While this list will not contain every single one of them, we’ve chosen the few that stand out from the rest. If it’s too scary to play alone or in the dark, then job well done nerds.


Dead Space

This third-person action horror game takes freaky to the next level. Dead Space channels influences from various movies such as Alien and the Thing. While the gameplay can get frustrating at times, it’s still spooky enough to have you screaming “I want back on Earth!” The game series has very impressive graphics and unique evil creatures around every corner. The storyline is as solid as it’s atmosphere and has some plot twists to keep you guessing. So grab your spacesuit and controller… it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.



There’s not too many games I’ve played that have made me jump clean out of my seat… Outlast redefines terror in every sense of the word. Drenched in beautifully crafted environments, it’s hard to not stop and take in all the detail put into this game. The tense music will have you on edge as you pull open another door not knowing what’s waiting for you on the other side. While the game makes you feel useless at times as you run around and hide without any defense… it helps create a reality around the fact that you truly are vulnerable for the duration. So feel free to wander around this insane asylum and scream as loud as you like… just be sure to find lots of batteries for your camera’s night vision.


The Evil Within

Get ready to die… A LOT. While two detectives investigate homicides in a mental institution they discover things are not quite what they seem. Not a very original story, I agree, but nonetheless a very fun thrill ride to take. There’s plenty of traps and terrifyingly real demons to be found in The Evil Within. It’s also very difficult to guess what happens next, which works to it’s benefit. Be sure to upgrade your equipment and brace yourself for one of the scariest experiences you’ll never forget!


Resident Evil

This iconic horror game series is a must-have for every gamer. It’s survival horror at it’s best and makes for an awesome day of gaming. While I’m not particularly fond of solving puzzles in games, I found Resident Evil made every attempt worth the effort. You’ll have to search high and low for limited ammunition and supplies to stay alive. There’s no shortage of boss fights and zombies in Resident Evil. Prepare yourself for a bloody good time.


Friday the 13th

While this game really isn’t that scary. I included it for the overall fun experience it offers. If you have a group of friends you play online with; this game is right up your alley. One lucky person will take on the role as Jason and attempt to slaughter all the camp counselors. Your ability to play together will come into play as you search random parts of the camp for items to assist in your escape. Although, it makes for a much more satisfying ending sometimes to drive off into the sunset while your friends are still running away from the masked murderer. With all sorts of customization for the counselors, Jason and his signature kills, it’s definitely one to add to your game night.

Other Scary Games to Play:

Silent Hill
Five Nights at Freddy’s
Alien: Isolation
Condemned: Criminal Origins
Layers of Fear
Left 4 Dead
Dying Light

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