Feel Good Horror Films

Didn’t think they existed? They most definitely do! Not only are these movies fun to watch but you don’t feel depressed or sad by the end of them. So be sure to rent or buy the following upbeat horror films:


The Burbs’

Dislike your neighbors? Tom Hanks sure does in this cult classic dark comedy. Also starring Carrie Fisher and Bruce Dern, The Burbs’ is by far my favorite upbeat horror film of all time. While snoopy residents search for a neighbor they believe has gone missing, they fear he may have been murdered by the evil new comers to the cul-de-sac. Filled with laughter and chills, this one will surely keep you laughing and gasping to the wacky end.



The iconic “what’s your favorite scary movie?” blood fest. Scream packs a punch by pushing against the line of stereotypical slashers, giving itself a witty edge. It’s filled with hilarious characters and smart dialogue. The Town of Woodsboro faces several teenagers being brutally murdered while the police, the press and students of the high school try to figure out who the killer is. Be sure to add this laughter-filled slasher to your list if you haven’t already had the pleasure of seeing it!

death day

Happy Death Day

With a sequel already released, Happy Death Day is an edgy thriller releasing the tension with plenty of silly moments. A girl is forced to relive the same day over and over again resulting in her stylized murder from a psychopath wearing a baby face mask. It’s Groundhog Day meets Halloween. Enjoy the ride while you guess who the murderer can be!


The Cabin in the Woods

While this film has exclusively only a few funny moments, it’s just enough to take the edge off of the doom and gloom. A group of college kids are being slaughtered in a cabin just like every other horror film known to man… however… this film has a unique twist. Snag this horror flick as fast as you can to witness a different breed of scary and a few giggles along the way!

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