How to throw a KILLER Halloween party

I’ve thrown several Halloween parties over the years. Many things I learned too late in the planning process, unfortunately. So I’ve compiled a list of some must-haves at your party this year to make it an incredible experience.

Choose a Theme

The first question you should be asking yourself is what kind of party do you want to throw? It could be as simple as Vampires Vs Werewolves, Zombie Apocalypse or something more in depth such as Creatures from Netflix. However it’s important to not be overly specific as you want everyone attending to be able to figure out some sort of costume they can enjoy wearing. Picking the theme first will also help you decide what kind of décor to go for.

Unique Food

Instead of that bowl of bland powdered punch… Go for Dragon’s Blood made from fresh fruit.
Instead of that boring cake… Kitty Litter Cake, yes, Kitty. Litter. Cake.
Go that extra mile to create a very detailed and exciting menu for your guests!

Music to set the Mood

This is no time for Willie Nelson or Backstreet Boys. Your best bet is soundtracks from horror films or darker songs that still maintain an upbeat vibe. If the theme calls for it, Monster Mash related songs. Spotify and other similar apps usually have Halloween playlists.


Always, always go darker. I’ve found the best look you can give your party is multiple areas with different auras about them. For example, have a specific spot for blacklights, strobe lights in another, and regular dimmed lighting in another. Fog machines help create a very special atmosphere with the proper lighting. If you need inspiration watch an older classic such as E.T.


You want to keep everyone occupied, especially as the night goes on and conversation topics start growing slimmer. Have a candy jar and give a prize to who guesses the closest amount to what’s inside. A Fear Factor related game. A must-have at your party is a spooky movie to watch. Most important one to not forget however: Award for best costume!


It never hurts to plan for weeks, even months at a time. I usually take half the year to plan my own. Just have fun with the process and don’t forget to accommodate everyone’s needs they may have. A final tip: The title of your party should be a play on words. Some of the ones I used are below.

A Night to Dismember

2 Young 2 Die

Dusk Til Dawn

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