Creating something NEW in Horror

The world is currently in a state of laziness. At least, as far as the horror genre goes. We get excited for the remakes and nostalgic one-hit wonders. Even though, they can be extremely entertaining… I feel this can only last maybe two more years at the most. People have become so tired of the current times we live in; so much so that we crave being reminded of a better time. For example, in the musical universe we hit replay on that one good song that was written 10 years ago, opposed to searching through unknown new-age artists for something halfway decent.

So where do we go from here? When we become tired of the superhero winning instead of the villain. When a group of foul-mouthed kids wandering around a small town becomes dull. When Michael Myers is stabbed, shot and burned alive for the final time… what comes next? I think that consumers as a species should be growing out of our daily mantras at some point in the very near future. Let’s stop waiting for the movie industry to get the picture. Every ticket sale creates an additional value to what is out in theaters today. We all have a voice and sooner than later we should demand a fresh start.

While current event movies struggle to stay relevant, such as Unfriended and Truth or Dare… The traditional horror feel remains as powerful as ever at the box office. It seems that the classic feel of a haunted house or a possessed entity still rock the core of the horror genre. Movies such as the Conjuring, A Quiet Place and Insidious. This further proves that the movie doesn’t have to be a direct replica of the sixties or seventies. People want a classic feeling horror movie with a very unique take on it.

So… where do we go from here?

star warz

What I believe is next and a smart evolution for the horror movie industry is the fusion of horror and box office hits. Imagine for a moment if you would… A horror film taking place in the galaxy of the Star Wars universe. Or perhaps a horror film taking place in the magical world of the Harry Potter universe.

Working with familiar ground to create an entirely different take on a well known film series. It seems too simple… Yet it’s simply brilliant. It has been done before however. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was one installment that turned out to be a box office flop. But perhaps it’s because the world wasn’t ready for a movie of it’s kind quite yet.

harry potttter

Although, recently Venom slashed that stereotype bringing in an impressive 855 million. Maleficent is another example, pulling in 758 million. Both films simply focusing on the antagonists of stories. You can bet they won’t stop creating villain features at this point as everyone gets ready for the highly anticipated Joker film. Along with the first of it’s kind, the New Mutants, a horror film based in the Marvel universe.


I believe at the end of the day, people are growing tired of the same story, recycled day in and day out. The hero defeating the misunderstood villain. The happy chain of box office wonders with no dark side. We live in very dark times ourselves. We want something we can relate to every once in a while. Not just the same bedtime story over and over again. Give us something dark for the rainy days in our lives. Give us hope that even a villain can have redeeming qualities. Lastly, torture us with unexplored terrors that await around the corner of a well known universe.

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